Tips on installing your 3D sign.

Here are some methods and help on installing your sandblasted sign.
These signs are made for exterior and interior use and should last many years.
Whether for Home,Business or Personal use these sandcarved signs are strong and lightweight
with each weighing about 2 lbs.

We mainly use small drywall or decking screws measuring between 11/4″-11/2″ long if attaching
to a semi-soft surface such as drywall or wood.Carefully screw through the sandblasted background in 2 or 3 places into the substrate being careful not to screw completely through the sign as the material is strong but soft.No pilot holes are needed.When attaching to thin metal backgrounds use small self-tapping metal screws the same length 11/4″ again through the recessed background.When a harder surface is behind the sign such as rock,brick or stone we reccomend using some sort of plastic or metal anchor that the drywall/decking screw will “bite” into.

Also if you do not want to put holes in the background surface you can use Command Damage -Free hanging strips by 3M®. Medium or Large work fine and can be found in the picture hanging section at your favorite Hardware Store. Test first to be compatable with the background surface.

We do not reccomend using most double-sided tape as many of the adhesive is too agressive. Gorilla Glue® has a tube of Caulk called “Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive” that works well but is permanent and not easily removable.

For hanging a single or double-sided sign we use small #6 or #8 Eyebolts whose “eye” measures around 5/8″ across.Medium size not too large as to split the sign and not so small as to come out easily.One on each side of the top of the sign.Then use “S” hooks to hang from whatever you are attaching it to.

For added strength we use 3 or 4 drops of Gorilla Glue® into each eyebolt hole.You must remove the eyebolts after initially screwing in and use water into the hole and the eyebolt threads as this glue is activated by water. Follow instructions on back of the small (2 ounces) container of Gorilla Glue® available at Hardware Stores. Rescrew eyebolts back into holes after applying glue and wipe off excess as some will “foam” out.Excess can be cut off after drying.

To clean your exterior sign we spray the entire sign with a Bleach/Water mixture and then spray that off with water to get rid of dust and mildew.
Do not use a bristle brush to clean.